Our Approach

At Depth Detail Auto Detailing, we specialize in detailing luxury, exotic and classic auto mobiles, motorcycles, and boats. Our focus is to provide the highest standard of auto cleaning and care in the industry. We have been in business since 2014.  Casey has earned a reputation of excellence, and has developed safe and efficient proven methods to clean and detail cars.  Jeromy a pioneer in the auto detailing industry in Solano County for over three decades, we are now embracing the next generation of long lasting paint protective coatings that are made using nanotechnology. Our experienced staffs of skilled technicians all work as a team, as your vehicle moves from station to station throughout our detailing facility. We use cutting edge tools to bring you the highest level of service. Depth Detail uses a water filtration system, thus ensuring there are no spots left on your car.   We WILL be known as, “The Best Detailing Shop in Solano County”.

You will get perfection, that surpasses any other competition every time you come to Depth Detail, and expertise customer service from individuals who value honesty, integrity and care about their vehicle  just as much as you.  We work for you and will continue to work for you until you are happy.

Our Story

Casey Narvaez and Jeromy Smith both have a passion for cars, boats, and trucks.  Each grew up with a different route into the industry.   Casey Narvaez is very detailed and loved "babying"his toys.   He would spend hours cleaning his vehicles and family boats for fun, hence the passion.  He decided to get trained by professionals at Shine Supply and become a professional detailer.  Jeromy Smith has been working on the body and paint side with vehicles for over 25 years.   He knows what type of prep work that is involved to make certain a car looks great when its done being detailed.  He enjoys working on a car from start to finish.   He can build you a car from just a frame.   We all know that requires passion.  They have over 40 years of experience working on cars.